Jacob Nevill is a "musical octopus" who is involved in all sorts of delightful genres, instruments, and ideas available to the phonometrician (a person who measures and writes down sound).

As a classical saxophonist, he has enjoyed the challenge of finding music to reconfigure to this underutilized instrument. Not to be called a musical heretic, Mr. Nevill also has pursued performing jazz as a method to push his composing and explore how best to break stereotypes in jazz improvisation surrounding the saxophone. Mr. Nevill has arranged music for artists such as Bernie Williams and has composed and produced musical scores for short films, indies, jazz, folk and classical music.

Technology in music has inspired him to look at the new possibilities available to the 21st-century musician through computers and especially of mobile music making through Apple’s iOS. He is currently working to help further the iSucceed@Nyack program and how musicians can use their smart devices to perform, teach, and compose music.  

 In 2008, he graduated from Nyack College with degrees in music composition and saxophone performance. While there, he earned distinctions in both fields and did numerous performances with the college and surrounding area. In 2011, he received a masters in jazz arranging and composition from William Paterson University. 

Jacob's biggest influences are his parents, Jesus, James Horner, Vaughn Williams, the muppets, Zen, and the color green.