FAQ & Email

Why do I have to sign up?

This allows for me to schedule you as fast as possible. It is also a convenience for me to gather resources based on your interests and needs that you include. Your first lesson is free so you will not be putting any of your financial information information. If you choose not to continue, the information gets deleted.

Do I have to pay online?

No, but I think that you will find this more convenient. It ensures that you receive the lesson(s) (My lesson policy is not to teach a lesson that has not been paid for), you will receive invoices for your records, and allows me to be a teacher rather than a collector.  I do take cash but I still have to report anything I earn to the government come April. I also accept Venmo and PayPal. 

Can I schedule lessons on my own?

Unfortunately no. Since I drive to your home or location, it is an impossibility at this time. Once I have a permanent location, this might become an option. You will have the opportunity however to sign up for special group classes or events online as they are made available. 

Do I have to log in my practice times?

No. But every month the top three students that practiced the most gets recognition via the site/social media and a 5$ iTunes or Google Play gift card. Also, numbers don't lie. They are powerful motivators and show how you are progressing. 


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