All the transcriptions below are free and for your your personal enjoyment. I have turned the scores into piano reductions but have labeled to indicate instrumentation or solo's. I recommend listening to the work while observing the score so as to understand it more fully. Enjoy! 


"Heat" By Brian Tyler

Tyler's sound is very reminiscent to Han ZImmer's current style of pattern (or chaconne) writing. That said, this piece is excellent! Tyler's ability to blend instruments and create such epic driving music with so little is extraordinary. Video game music is here to stay. More notes with the pdf. Enjoy!


"A New World" by James Horner

This is straight up proof to how much Copland's music influenced Horner. You will also hear echos of Elmer Bernstein westenesq sound and Horner's ability to write excellent intro's. More notes with the pdf. Enjoy!